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You’ve followed your calling, stepped out of the 9 to 5 (and into the 7am-10pm!) and set up your own business. You’re dynamic, creative and, let’s face it, not afraid of hard work. But that thought going round and round in your head of needing to get your website ‘sorted’ is repeatedly filling you with overwhelm and dread. Your business is flourishing, your customers think you’re awesome, and your website needs to keep up. Who do you turn to? Who can you trust? And who will be compassionate and sensitive to the way you feel totally out of your depth with anything ‘IT’?

We are what you have been searching for. We would love to transform your online presence from embarrassing (or non-existent) to an awesome showcase of your services or products that you will feel proud to share. No more apologising for the state of your website when you hand your business card over!

With over 16 years’ experience in IT and web design we have lived through the changes in the internet and understand what it takes to not only make your business shine online, but to protect your website investment over the years to come against faults, bugs and hacking and keep it online and performing quickly.

You will get the complete package from us; an awesome website that is better than your competitors AND the peace of mind having it totally looked after and maintained thereafter. You deserve that feeling of security, control and new sense of focus in your business to push things forwards. All you will need to worry about next is how to meet the demand from all your new customers!

When we’re not busy transforming the look of websites from ‘not credible’ and ‘embarrassing’ into ‘high-end’, ‘trusted’ and ‘accomplished’ we are spending precious time with our two children. We are a family business and understand the value of your time, money and effort and how you can’t afford to waste any of it.

Our Values

We believe in integrity, fairness and kindness and bring this into everything that we do.  

We are passionate about providing a personal level of support that is unheard of in the web design industry.

Anorak Cat are one of the most personal businesses we have ever worked with. They give their time generously, and we really feel they care about our business aims.

Callum Drummond, Bula Batiki
We care about our local community and are proud to:

That’s us. We can’t wait to get to know YOU better,

Rich & Amy

If you want to feel empowered (smug!) with a website that is better than your competitors then get in touch and book your free consultation today.

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