10 reasons to choose WordPress

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has moved from being just a blogging system into becoming one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world. There’s no smoke without fire and WordPress is burning hot! Are you tired of waiting for somebody else to update your website for you? Do you want something that is safe, secure and looks fantastic without spending your life savings? If you answered yes to either of these, then a beautiful WordPress site could be just what you and your business needs. There are so many reasons why this CMS has become such a favourite for businesses across the world, but here we’ll narrow it down to our top 10 reasons to use WordPress for your business website today.

1. It’s affordable.

WordPress have a massive selection of professionally designed themes to choose from…and loads are free! This is one of our favourite reasons to use WordPress. Sounds likes a good idea already, right?

2. Easy to edit and update.

Poor old WordPress has got itself a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to updating. To be fair, in the past it has been tricky. However, that does not need to be the case any more. We build using Elementor which is easy for people just like you to use and update themselves. We do the hard work by building it for you, and you do the easy bit – updating it. (The handy tutorials we provide you with help too of course.)

3. Easy to use and learn.

Don’t fret about having the power and independence to update your site whenever and wherever you want (even from your Smartphone!) because if you switch your business to WordPress it’s easy peasy to learn to use. In just a few minutes you’ll be set to go – uploading, creating and blogging. There’ll be no stopping you!

4. There’s lots of support.

Panicking about #2 and #3 still? Fear not. WordPress comes with a ridiculous amount of support online. But more to the point – you’d have us! Your Website Care Plan provides you with access to all the support you could ever need. If you use WordPress and we didn’t build your website for you, or you don’t have a Website Care Plan with us, you can still join our Facebook group Ask the Anorak for WordPress advice and support and we’ll be there to help you. Request to join now.

5. Customisable.

WordPress comes with so many themes and plugins to choose from that you can create virtually any type of site you want, and customise it to look just exactly how you want.

6. Safe and secure.

The word ‘hackers’ sends a shiver down the spine but WordPress is such a widely used CMS, and with over 15 years experience, it’s no surprise that it constantly reviews, refines and updates its software to prevent attacks. Just make sure you keep your WordPress version, themes and plugins updated. Here’s some handy tips for you.

7. Search engine friendly.

We all want to be at the top of the Google rankings when someone searches for our business, and you’ll be pleased to hear that search engines such a Google actually prefer websites that are powered by WordPress. The logical architecture of WordPress sites make them naturally SEO friendly and rank higher as they are written using standard compliance high quality code, creating meaningful metadata, which search engines love.

8. Powerful functionality.

WordPress is basically ready to go with blogging, dropdown menus and media as soon as it’s installed. No messing about with having to hunt down and install various plugins. If you are into that sort of thing though, turning your website into an online shop is straightforward enough with one simple plugin. There are 1000’s of plugins to choose from with a wide range of functions. The beauty really is in its simplicity.

9. Mobile friendly.

Reading this on your smartphone or tablet by any chance? It’s never been more important to have a website that is responsive to all mobile devices. WordPress are all over this and have taken away any worries you might have by ensuring that all their recent themes are already mobile friendly, before you’ve even started! How kind. We like to practice what we preach here at Anorak Cat which is why this site is built using WordPress. Check it out on any device to see how responsive it is!

10. Easy blogging.

WordPress is now much more than a blogging platform, though blogging can still be useful for engaging with your customers and creating quality content, and with a WordPress site it couldn’t be easier. WordPress sites can contain all your businesses necessary information (About, Services, Contact, Testimonials, etc) as well as daily or weekly blog posts to keep your site fresh, interesting and relevant.

These are just a few great reasons to use¬†WordPress for your website. Here at Anorak Cat we love the delights of WordPress and that’s why the majority of the sites we design and create are built on this versatile platform. In our hearts we’re still html geeks and do enjoy building bespoke sites from scratch, but when it comes to affordability and convenience WordPress usually comes out on top.

Have we got you all excited? Read more information on our packages and prices page or contact us for a friendly, no pressure chat. We could even reel off a few more reasons to use WordPress if you like? We’ve got loads!

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