Reached the daily quota of script executions? Don’t panic!

The dreaded “reached the daily quota of script executions” email and what you can do…

It can come as a bit of a surprise, and indeed a worry, to receive an email from your web-hosting providers saying that your website might be taken offline as it has reached it’s daily quota of program and script execution.

Firstly, don’t panic. There could be a very logical reason why this might be happening. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your website is under attack by some kind of malicious hacker and there’s a good chance that you don’t need the knee-jerk reaction of upgrading to a costlier package.

If your website is built on the WordPress platform then there could be a very simple explanation as to what is causing the thousands of script executions. The first thing to do is log on to your control panel – you or your web developer will have the log-in details. Find the icon that says AWStats  and click through to view the website stats. Scroll down to the section titled Pages-URL (Top 25) – and take a look at the top entry. There’s a very good chance it will say /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. That’s a good sign!

WordPress has a built-in API called Heartbeat that is useful when you are working on your website – it auto-saves your posts for example. However, if you leave a page that is using the Heartbeat API open for a long-time it will keep doing a PHP script execution and cause the blowing of your quota.

The simple solution to this problem is to make sure that the browser tabs that you have been using your WordPress dashboard in are closed when you’ve finished working on your site.

If you keep forgetting and this is becoming a regular issue for you then you could download a plugin that restricts the Heartbeat API:

Of course, if you need any help with this, or any other WordPress website issue then drop us a message and we’ll help you out!

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