Website Care Plan FAQs

Richard loves a good chat about website security, so picking up the phone or booking yourself a FREE 15 minute consultation with him would be thoroughly welcomed. The goal of these conversations is about you understanding your individual security needs for your website, and for Richard to answer any of your questions. For those who prefer to have a quick check themselves, we’ve prepared the answers below for the most common questions we receive.

How long will it take you to set up my Website Care Plan?

We can usually set you up on our Website Care Plan within 48 hours. This depends on whether you wish to change your email hosting as well as your website hosting. It also depends on our current level of demand.

What does ‘technical support’ include or cover?

Technical support covers any issues or faults that you have with your website. Is does not include making structural, design or copy changes to your website.

Doesn’t my hosting provider keep my website safe and secure?

Your hosting provider should (hopefully) have at least a basic level of security on their server. However, they do not maintain your WordPress website on your behalf (unless you have a Managed WordPress Hosting LINK: so it is up to you to keep your website safe and secure. Or let us do it for you with our Website Care Plan.

My business and website is only small, so do I really need a Website Care Plan?

The answer to this depends on a number of things, and you are probably best placed to answer this yourself. You need to think about whether your website is critical to the effective running of your business? Would you lose sales, customers, bookings or credibility if it went down? Have you got time and cash put aside to rebuild your website from scratch if you lost it all through hacking? Or could you afford the down-time and cost to repair your website if it was hacked? As your business is growing, do you still have the time, skills, and desire to take good care of it yourself? Could your IT team be putting their time to better use? These are just a few things to think about when weighing up the decision.

Can I stop my website from ever getting hacked?

There is no fool-proof method to ensuring your website NEVER gets hacked. Read more on our blog post ‘Can I stop my website from ever getting hacked?’.

Will you fix my website if I get hacked?

Absolutely. This is what we’re here for and is covered by your monthly fee.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a major part of website security as it encrypts the data communication between the website and the website visitor. If you take payments, have an online form or if your website has a password protected area (i.e. EVERY SINGLE WORDPRESS WEBSITE!) then you absolutely must have an SSL certificate. Web browsers are now marking websites without an SSL certificate (addresses that start http instead of https) as NOT SECURE. Google search results will soon be doing the same. Will visitors think twice about clicking on your website if it says NOT SECURE on Google? Yep, exactly.

Can I just have your hosting on it’s own?

Unfortunately not. We have our own server on which we keep only websites held under our expert care. These are websites that we know are safe and secure. We can’t risk hosting a website that may jeopardise the security of our clients.

Can I keep my own hosting and just have the rest of the plan?

Unfortunately not. For us, reputation and reliability is everything and we want to ensure that all websites in our care are up, available, and working properly for all of our clients website visitors. All websites are hosted on our own server and benefit from 99.99% uptime. If your website remains hosted elsewhere, issues can be more time-consuming for us to deal with through a third party.

Why does it say ‘from £49’…how much is it really going to cost?!

Like every person on the planet, hidden fees make us REALLY cross! (That’s why we never do them.) In the high majority of cases, it is just £49 per month. We slipped ‘from’ in there to cover the times when we need to quote a larger business a higher fee due to the size or complexity of their website. You probably have a few more questions about what we do, what’s included, and how having a Website Care Plan will benefit your business. So, book yourself in for a FREE 15 minute consultation with Richard and he will be so happy to help and advise you.

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