Why developing your brand is a key part of your website project – and not something to be fearful of

Imagine this scenario: You’ve invested in designing a logo, and perhaps you’ve been using a set of brand colours for some time. Now, your web designer suggests a brand strategy session. What immediately comes to mind? Are you worried that they’ll tear apart your existing brand? Will they insist on changing your logo (even though you quite like it as it is)? Worse yet, will they propose numerous changes and then charge you for the extra work?

Let’s clarify things right away. We will never charge you for unexpected extras. Involving our branding specialist in your project is not a sneaky way for us to upsell; it’s all about ensuring your website looks outstanding. Moreover, we don’t make major changes to your brand unless you want us to. If you’re satisfied with what you have, we’ll enhance it by suggesting minor tweaks, such as refreshing the logo or incorporating complementary colours and new fonts.

Evolution, not revolution

Working with our branding expert is an opportunity to evolve your brand. We’ll review your current brand, consider how you want it to feel and look, and generate ideas to maximise its visual impact on your website. What’s more, we take the time to understand where you want to take your business, providing you with a toolkit that can be used across all your marketing and content, not just your website. This toolkit will be fully aligned with your needs and the audience you’re trying to attract, shaping how people perceive your brand.

Building confidence in what you have

When it comes to branding, it’s easy to feel confused or even fearful. Is your current brand sufficient? How should you utilise it in the real world? We alleviate these concerns by providing creative direction. We’ll use your brand and style it to create a specific mood that reflects who you are and what you stand for.

What are the benefits of working with our brand specialist?

  • We offer a clear strategy for your visual brand, helping both you and us gain a deeper understanding of your business, your position in the market, and how to visually differentiate yourself. This streamlines the entire website design process, resulting in fewer revisions and no unwelcome surprises.
  • The brand guidelines we develop as part of this process also inform our copywriters and photographers, if applicable, ensuring everyone is focused on achieving the same goals. This approach makes it easier for you to collaborate with other professionals in the future, such as when creating additional marketing content like flyers, social media posts, or brochures.
  • Plus, you’ll have a lifelong contact. Our specialists run their own businesses, and you’re welcome to engage with them independently of your web project. If you appreciate their work, there’s no need to search for new partners.

If you’d like to discuss how a brand refresh, alongside a new website, could be just what your business needs, click here.

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