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“What stands out is that Anorak Cat has continued the same level of service since launch and Richard is always there when I have questions. My website is my most valuable asset and their support has made such a difference to my business. The service is very quick – if I have any technical queries, they respond within 24 hours.”


Qualified nutritional therapist, Rosie Letts, helps her customers to transform their body, their health and their life. She offers one-to-one consulting, diagnostic testing and specialist nutritional advice. Her approach is to work with people struggling with illness as well as weight issues to design a personalised Reinvent program for them. Her ethos centres on one important phrase: it’s not a diet!

Challenge – supporting a portfolio of clients through Reinvent

The public website for Rosie Letts Nutrition was performing well to show potential clients what she does and share advice and recipes. Traffic to the site in the last year had increased as a result of Anorak Cat’s SEO work and regular blogging by Rosie. But customers who joined her flagship program, Reinvent, needed continuous support to help them stay motivated. Rosie wanted to be there with extra support for all her clients, but couldn’t scale up to serve large numbers with one-to-one sessions. It became imperative to create an online course with automated delivery.

Solution – Reinvent platform with ongoing technical support

To help customers have a great experience when they sign up, Rosie wanted a platform for the online course where they have open access to her expertise. Anorak Cat worked with Rosie to build a private client website and automate the delivery of personalised content via email and resources on the WordPress site. With their Website Care Plan, Anorak Cat provide ongoing technical support to keep both websites up to date and secure. They provided Rosie with training on WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so she can upload blog content and new recipes. She receives a monthly Website Care Report, showing  security scan results, a Google Analytics overview, plug-in, theme and core updates – and online course sales. Customers on her 4-stage program receive education and regular support through the Reinvent online course. They can interact with Rosie’s resources – videos, a weekly questionnaire and their meal plans and recipes. By making the program activities available online, Rosie can focus on tracking results and stepping in where encouragement is needed most.

Impact – Personalised online service with less stress

The online course allows Rosie to focus her time where most needed, while looking after a larger portfolio of clients. Rosie relies on Anorak Cat to continually monitor and protect both of her websites. With more web enquiries coming through, she spends significantly less time chasing new business. On one occasion when there was a problem with her domain, Anorak Cat resolved it in less than 12 hours, ensuring customers weren’t affected by the issue. When customers have technical problems with payment, Anorak Cat deal with these as soon as notified via Ask the Anorak. Daily security scans notify Richard of any vulnerabilities – alerting him to recently update the plug-in for the learning management software. This level of managed WordPress hosting means Rosie can focus on her customers’ progress, instead of worrying about the website security and technical issues.

Future plans – Developing the website for growth

With the client portal in place, Rosie can develop her service and offer even more value to her customers.“Customers can get to know me, use the appointment booking system and pay online, automating the whole operation for me. My previous website didn’t have the functionality to automate my processes. Now I have a completely flexible platform which I’m in control of, where I can support all my customers with much richer services and daily communication. If they have a specific meal plan, it even sends them a shopping list. The standard of aftercare from Anorak Cat is excellent – and I can offer the same for my clients.”

Read about our Website Care Plans

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