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Dude, where’s my web designer?

You’ve launched your website, it’s looking (and you’re feeling) great! Sales are flowing in and that self-employed income is too. Life’s wonderful.

And then something goes wrong with your website.

We’ve had 3 businesses contact us this week alone with hacked websites (not created by us we hasten to add!) and unfortunately it’s becoming more frequent. So, why are they contacting us? What’s happened to their web designer? Hit by a bus? Escaped off to the Bahamas? Or just disappeared in a puff of smoke!?

Around 75% of new clients that approach us, who already have websites they are happy with, report they are experiencing problems contacting or getting a response from their current web designer. This can be, understandably, an extremely stressful situation to be in if you urgently need something updating, your website isn’t functioning correctly and particularly if it involves being hacked. (This is all presuming your web designer has not gone bust and disappeared along with your entire website! Trust us, it happens.)

Sadly, a website being hacked isn’t uncommon nowadays and it can happen to even professionally, well-built sites. So, if it does, a quick and effective response from your web designer will bring your heart rate back down so you can put your focus back where it belongs – into your business!

So, what can you do to help minimise the risk of ending up as one of the unlucky business owners whose web designer goes AWOL?

  • Check their portfolio.
    Are the websites it showcases still active? If they’re not, they may be fake, have dodgy hosting, or simply be a sign that they don’t keep on top of things.
  • Look at their social media feeds.
    Do the reviews appear genuine? You can usually spot when they’ve just got a few mates to write something for them.
  • Ask your potential new web designer beforehand if you will be given admin access to your website.
    If the answer is “no”, stay well clear.
  • Do your sums.
    If they’re charging a few hundred pounds for a website, and the hosting is dirt cheap too, you should be questioning the quality of their work and whether their business is sustainable. If they can’t afford to keep their business going in the years ahead, where does that leave you and your website? And what support would you get along the way? We’d assume not a lot.
  • Does this appear to be just a ‘hobby job’ for this designer?
    If it is, what happens if their other main job takes them further and they drop their hobby? Where will that leave you and your website?

Mostly upon recommendation, new businesses are asking to have their website hosting and ongoing care moved over to Anorak Cat so they can reap the many benefits of our exceptional monthly hosting and support packages.

They are searching for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your website is in safe hands and that we are always here to help and advise…even if we’re in the Bahamas! (We wish.)


If you’re looking for an expert WordPress team to take ongoing care of you and your WordPress website, get in touch today to talk to Rich about our Website Care Plans.

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