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Website Maintenance and Support

If we had a middle name it would probably be ‘Here-to-help’. Ok, that’s 3 but you get the idea.

Technology can sometimes be a bit temperamental and when things go wrong, and you get a bit stuck, you need to call on someone who knows their onions. When it comes to website maintenance and giving you the technical support you need, look no further.

If you’re feeling a bit embarrassed or just bored with your current website, or maybe it needs a little spruce up, then we can give it the make-over it deserves. Or maybe you’re finding you’ve drifted down the Google search results because your website’s not ‘mobile friendly’. We can convert it and bring it right up to date. Google, and your mobile savvy visitors, will love you for it!

View our prices for one-off website maintenance or site updates. We can also offer regular update packages if your website needs content refreshed or replaced consistently throughout the year. Contact us to discuss your individual needs


All of our website packages come with recommended hosting and support packages. We also offer one-off technical support if you’re in need of assistance in solving a particular issue.


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