Have we impressed you enough to tell a friend?

We want to thank you.

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It's high time we started properly recognising all you



(Like what we did there?! It was that or ‘re-fur-al scheme’. )

Small businesses need web designers they can rely on. We hope you feel that the quality of our websites and ongoing support services are something your business friends need to know about.

If you tell them, we’d like to say “thank you”.

So here's the deal

We're looking for...

Businesses who want an awesome new WordPress website that is ready to grow with their business. They will also want us to take ongoing care of it through a Website Care Plan.

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Our 'thank you' to you...

If a new client signs up with us for a new website and Website Care Plan and tells us they heard about it from you, we’ll thank you with a 6 month holiday from your Website Care Plan payments (up to the maximum value of £294 i.e. 6 x £49 (excluding VAT at 20%)).

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When you will get your 'thank you'...

Your complimentary payment break will begin when the new client has paid in full, their website is ready to launch and they have paid their first Website Care Plan payment.

So that's a 6 month payment holiday every time you refer a new client to us!

…once they’re all sorted and launched.

Amy is ready to answer any of your questions about it.


We’ve got the answers

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Whilst we really appreciate referrals for work like this, unfortunately the payment holiday will only be given for referrals for clients that buy a new website and take out a Website Care Plan.

Hmmm…we do love new Website Care Plan clients. So in this instance we will reward you with a Website Care Plan payment holiday of 3 months (up to the value of £150, excluding VAT at 20%). This payment holiday will only start after the new client has had their Website Care Plan for 6 months.

For new websites please send them to www.anorakcat.co.uk. For Website Care Plans (and no new website) please send them to www.websitecare.co.uk

Of course. We would run payment holidays back to back. For example, if you referred to us a ‘new website’ client AND a ‘Website Care Plan only’ client, you would get a total of 9 months Website Care Plan payment holiday. 6 months for the new website client plus 3 months for the Website Care Plan only client.

In that case we would need to split the ‘thank you’. For example, if the new client (new website & Care Plan) gave 2 names we would give you each a 3 months Website Care Plan payment holiday up to the value of £150 each (excluding VAT at 20%). This would only be the case if BOTH referrers were Website Care Plan clients though. If it was you and and non-Website Care Plan person that just really likes us, then you would get the whole ‘thank you’.

Yes please! But sadly they will only receive the warm glow of knowing they have supported a small independent business rather than a financial reward.

To make it easier for us to manage. Most clients pay £49 per month (excluding VAT at 20%). Therefore, the admin will be a lot simpler to just give a payment break of 6 months.

6 months at £49 per month =  £294 (ex VAT).

As you can imagine, to give an extra £6 somewhere would be a little annoying!

We don’t think so. But things may crop up as we go along with this so we may need to update. If we do, we’ll add them here:

  1. This referral scheme assumes the minimum payment anyone is making is £49 per month (+ VAT).
  2. Payment holidays cannot go beyond 6 months per referral, but can run back to back if more than 1 referral is made within a 6 month period.
  3. If you have more than 1 Website Care Plan with us (for multiple websites) we will need to discuss which account you will want the payment break on. You will receive the same reward of essentially 6 months break (up to the value of £294 which is 6 months at £49 per month)
  4. If your Website Care Plan is more than £49 per month, we will need to calculate how long your payment break is based on the amount you are paying (up to the value of £294 (excluding VAT at 20%))
Send your question and Amy will get back to you