The Total Package

A better, more relaxed experience
when selling services is your business.

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Complete WordPress design
for a 5 page website and ongoing
support with no nasty surprises.

You’re brilliantly different

You offer superb service and are ready to get more business. But your DIY website just isn’t cutting it anymore.

It would help if you had something professional, sleek, and beautifully designed to get you in front of the right people and show them the true wonder of the services you sell.

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Taking the first step can feel scary and confusing. Maybe you don’t know what you need or what questions to ask. And what about all the time it’s going to take?

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So we take that all away from you. Having friendly experts in your corner guiding you through the process to get what your business deserves.

We’ll even help sort
your copy and branding
– all included in the price

Taking a leap of faith is easier when others come with you

You’ve grown
– and deservedly so

Your DIY website doesn’t do your services justice anymore, and it’s confusing for your customers. It’s time to do things differently, more professionally and give your customer the experience they deserve.

You’re going places

It would help if you knew how to make basic changes – with a team on hand should you need anything more significant.

You don’t want to worry about anything going wrong

and not having the right people to fix it.

It might just be you in your business, but you’re never alone

You’ll benefit from chatting it through with the people in the know and figuring everything out together, like your copy, branding and design.

You want a website that does everything google loves

so more people can benefit from your services. You don’t need to know how this works, but you’ll be happy knowing it does.

Our collaborative approach

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Take a look
at what we’ve created together

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They supported me through the content creation managing my tasks to prevent overwhelm.

Their creative flair took my branding and photos to another level.

Lydia Leighton – Lydia Leighton Nutrition

Your Total Package

For websites with 5 pages:

£2950 including VAT
plus £63 per month for essential ongoing WordPress care.

Raring to get started?

We’d love to get to know you better, see how we get along and discover more about what you need.

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Pam and Justin loved this package

Pam’s story

From ‘meh’ to

Creating a website full of personality gave Pam the confidence to share it with her prospective clients.

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I felt so supported from the get-go. I trusted you could deliver whatever was needed technically, but there was a real human connection there too.

From being ashamed to feeling proud.

How Justin transformed more than just his website with some simple processes and a bit of extra care.

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I live by my brand now. I look at my website, and it makes me want to get up in the morning. I feel empowered by it, and you can’t put a cost on that

Justin’s story


We’ve got the answers

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You might not be able to yet, and that’s ok. We’re on hand to discuss the different options and determine which approach is right for you before you commit to anything. We’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need, but we will help you understand the potential to ensure your final website does everything you need.

When you put your trust in us, we don’t want there to be any nasty surprises. That’s why we include everything you see above as standard. Extra support, like logo design, copywriting and photography, is available, and we would be happy to quote you for this separately.

We always take a content-first approach to ensure your website resonates with your audience, so ideally, you would have a clear idea of what you want to say, along with photos, branding and logo. But don’t worry. We’ll be on hand to help you gather what you need. Plus, you’ll get a 1:1 session with a branding expert who’ll work with you to prepare mini-brand guidelines and a copywriter to advise and support you with any aspect of content writing.

We include continuing care in every package we sell so you don’t have to think about it. We have dedicated experts who know WordPress inside out. They can spot and fix any problem before you’re even aware of it and can work in partnership with you to optimise the site as you grow.

Businesses evolve over time and things change, which includes your website. If, in the future, you’re looking to upgrade your package, grow your site or add extra pages or functionality, we’re here, by your side, to make that happen.

Our small but beautifully formed team prioritises creating the best website for you through careful planning and joint decision making.

We never compromise quality for speed (rushing projects rarely leads to great results in our experience). That said, we are super mindful of your deadlines and value up-front honest conversations to set realistic expectations.

Smaller websites, like our 5-page Total Package sites are usually quicker and typically take around 4-8 weeks, but the time frame depends on how quickly you create and provide content. If we’re waiting on, for example, a photoshoot to happen, things will take longer.

Larger projects, like our Bespoke Package or Dream Team websites typically take 12-14 weeks subject to your individual requirements and content.

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