When selling services is your business, you deserve a better, more relaxed web design experience.

The Total Package

complete website design and ongoing support with no nasty surprises.

We’ll even help you sort your copy and branding, all included within the price.

Extra support

1:1 help to create excellent content and branding and guide you through the whole design process

SEO boosted

Does all the things Google loves

Easy to update

Make changes yourself, knowing we’ve got your back with ongoing aftercare and support

The perfect WordPress package when you want to do things differently to get your services in front of the right audience but need a helping hand to get you there.

Our clients love our website and we couldn’t be happier with the service we receive.

Dr Janet Rose – The Tutor Team

We're here to support you

Taking the first step towards your new website can be scary and confusing. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you need or what questions to ask. And what happens if you don’t like the design?

We understand how you feel. 

That’s why we do things differently, providing a more relaxed, respectful and fun process that’s no less professional or business-like. Why? Because we’re just people dealing with people, and we love helping other small business owners.

We also know you don’t have the time to mess around and that every penny counts in your business. 

Our websites are designed to help you sell more when you’re not technically minded or have a £10k budget to splash. Our ongoing care packages ensure you’re never left high and dry with a website you don’t understand how to use or that doesn’t work for you.

Let's keep this simple...

We’ll work with you to create a website that reflects the true brilliance of the services you sell

take ongoing care of it for you.

Here's what you get

We never do things by halves and so we’ve included everything you need for your business to be successful online.

1:1 with a copywriter

Zoom session with our sales-focused copywriter to get help and advice with any aspect of writing your copy.

1:1 with a branding 

Zoom session to nail your branding ready to hand over to us. You even get mini-guidlines!

Ongoing expert support

When you’ve launched your new website, it’s like you’ve got us on your team. You become a VIP with access to ongoing help from us.

Optimised for SEO

Your visitors aren’t the only ones that will love your new website. Google will too! We include what you need to get found.

Totally YOU!

Fully branded in your colours and fonts. When people land on your new website they’ll feel confident and inspired to work with you.

Optimised for sharing

You’ll want to share your new website with the world, so we make sure it’s ready for Social Media platforms too. (Inc. Facebook Pixel)

Email marketing integration

Fully integrated with your email marketing software (e.g. Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc) and designed to help you grow that list.

Training videos

Learn how to make changes and updates yourself with a selection of videos to teach you. Or if you want, we can take care of EVERYTHING.

The ULTIMATE design

We’ll create you a sales-focussed, high converting website that doesn’t just look beautiful, it will get you results.

5 beautiful pages

Clients usually go for home, about, service, blog, contact. But you might have a different plan – and that’s cool.

Responsive design

Well, of course! If a designer can’t make your website look awesome on any device, back away slowly. Then run!

Extra support available

Photography? New logo? We can help you out with whatever aspect you need. This package is all about supporting you.


Help! I don’t have any copy, branding or photographs!

Don’t worry. The package includes:

  • 1:1 copywriting support
  • Mini brand guidelines
  • Optional add-on photography packages, tailored to your website.

The Payment Plan

The Total Package costs £2950 (including VAT) followed, after launch, by your monthly Website Care Plan payment of £59 (including VAT) per month.


Deposit to get started


Upon website completion


(inc VAT) per month Care Plan

Ongoing Website Care

It’s not just websites that need ongoing care. We know you do too. (Especially if you hate tech!)

Having spent years supporting all of our clients, we’ve created an ongoing care package that not only takes care of all your essential website updates, scans and security work, it also supports and takes care of you.

From questions or advice to changes and additions. We’ll always be on hand to help. 

We call this ongoing support package a ‘Website Care Plan’. 

The upshot – you will never be left high and dry!

Why you'll love your Website Care Plan

Request an Info Pack for the full details

Super-easy to use website up and running and lots of friendly follow up support with my Website Care Plan.

Melanie Smith – Smith Consult

Is this package right for you?

This package is for you if:

  • You offer an awesome service (e.g. coach, copywriter, accountant, instructor, therapist, consultant) and are ready to get more clients.
  • You are upgrading from a DIY website because you’re fed up with the amateur look and lack of sales.
  • You understand the value of a sales-focused, strategic design to get you the results you need.
  • You want a stunning website that is unique to your business and brand.
  • You’re tired of all the technical issues that you have to deal with on your current website.
  • You value our experience and expertise and see the benefit of your Website Care Plan to keep your website maintained and performing once launched.
  • You’re frustrated with not being able to reach your web designer when you need them.
  • You want a professional website that is designed to convert, but you don’t have the budget for a custom design.
  • You want to build your website on a platform (WordPress) that is scalable and easily upgradable later down the line.
  • You hate techie stuff and want someone to take this ‘new website nightmare’ off your hands!

This package isn't for you if:

  • You think having a mediocre online presence or just ‘somewhere for visitors to land’ is enough to get you sales.
  • You think that providing an excellent user experience is only relevant for larger websites and won’t change how your visitors feel about your business.
  • You need a custom design website to fit your pre-defined requirements that exceed this package. Take a look at our other packages.
  • You can see and are confident of benefits in the design of our sale-focused template, but you don’t want us to take care of it for you once built and launched. Quality and ongoing performance of all our websites is critical and so all packages come with a Website Care Plan as standard.
  • You don’t see spending on your website as an investment in your business. 

Request an Info Pack to find out more about the process, the support and how we work.

Frequently asked questions

Truth? You might not be able to tell yet.

This might all be gibberish to you, and that’s OK. 

We pride ourselves on our kindness and patience towards people who really don’t have a clue about all this website stuff.

We know you’re not stupid. You’re running a business for goodness sake! But you can’t be expected to know everything about everything. 

If everyone was ace at building websites themselves, we wouldn’t have a business doing it for them.

Request an info pack, book a call and you’ll see our approach. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

It’s our job to ask questions and direct you to the right package, not yours. 

The key thing about this package is the focus on small, service based-businesses.

We have a pre-defined foundations in place to build your website with the following pages – Home, About, Services, Blog and Contact. (Though these can vary – please book a chat and we can discuss.)

That’s the structure. The design will be a unique creation based upon your business, your branding and your personal style.

Nope. They’re included in the price.

We do ask that you respect this time by attending both sessions if you choose to book them. If you book them and don’t turn up then we still have to pay the bill. Maaaaan, that would suck.

Oh, and we never hide costs. If something will cost you, we will always make that clear.

No way! It’s just extra info for you.

The copywriter will advise and support you with any aspect of writing your copy…no matter where you are in your content writing journey. In your session, there won’t be time for them to write it for you. They will, of course, be happy to write your copy for you if you want them to, but they would charge you separately for this service.

Possibly. It depends what it is you need really. We’d be happy to chat this through with you.

Extra features may come at an extra cost. The cost would depend on the size and complexity of the functionality you require.


You will have a 1:1 with our branding expert, Lucie, who will work with you to prepare a set of mini brand guidelines. We use these to design your new website, but they will also be super handy for you to use for any other marketing across your business (Social media, business cards, flyers, adverts, etc).

For sure!

Although we (Amy & Rich) don’t personally design brands (our expertise is in web design and care) we work very closely with an awesome selection of branding peeps. Including the team that designed our very own Anorak Cat.

Logo and brand design is a very specific skill set and comes at an extra cost. But we can certainly get this sorted with you. It will be an investment in your business you won’t regret.

We love it over on Instagram!

Come and follow us @anorakcat

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