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8 sure fire ways to ruin a website

Getting your business online will be one of the best decisions you make this year.

You must remember, however, that your website is the ‘face’ of your business for the whole world to see and people will make quick judgements about you when they see it for the first time, so you’d better make sure it’s stunning!

We’ve seen some shocking websites in our time and so thought we’d better share a few common mistakes that businesses keep making to ensure you know what to AVOID…


A great way to make someone shut down your website before they’ve even got started is to confuse the hell out of them! Give them no obvious way to get to what they need, no clear menus, or maybe even send them round in circles in few times. We’re sure they’ll enjoy the ride.


Find yourself a super jazzy font. One that you might find on the side of mug or a greetings card. Choose a lovely bright and bold colour and then put it on top of something equally as charming. Where’s the fun in making it clear and easy to understand, make them work for it!


Who uses mobile phones and tablets these days anyway?!


Incorrect opening times, outdated pricing, old or expired offers and discount codes that no longer work. Arrrrrgh – Just imagine how you’d feel as a new customer.

(We won’t go into not having your security and plugins regularly updated here. A whole other blog there!)


You’ve got so many different ideas and designs for your website, why not use them all? Rather than creating a beautiful, simple and consistent design throughout your site (with links to other parts of the site clear from every page), you could use a different or random design and colour scheme for every page and give your users a real roller coaster ride through your incoherent wonderland.


Users enjoy finding heaps of writing, adverts incessantly popping up in their faces and promotions or images blocking vital text they were trying to read – it’s not the least bit annoying! (Just yesterday I was on a website and this annoying advert popped up! Could I hit that teeny tiny square to get rid of it?? I just shut the whole page down.)


Now so much is done online, does anyone out there actually want to speak to a real person any more? (YES!!)


Don’t know about you, but we’ve got plenty of time on our hands to faff around filling in lengthy forms. It’s disappointing when someone gets straight to the point and asks for only the crucial information they need.

Please don’t do any of the above! You want your users to have a wonderful and stress-free experience. You’ve put so much hard work into your business and it deserves to look amazing.

Launching with style


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