The Bespoke Package

The right team in your corner for whatever you need

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A unique 10 page+ website
that takes your service-led business
where it needs to go

Things are getting serious

Business is going great, and you’re investing in more people, but there’s one thing that keeps niggling at you – your website.

It was fine when you started, but that’s no longer good enough.

It’s time for greatness.

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But what does great look like? You’re not a website expert. You don’t instinctively know what’s needed. And with all the business you’re getting, you don’t have the time to figure it out either.

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So we’ll do this for you. Of course, you’ll be a big part of the process, but we’ll guide you through it, advising on what your business needs to turn your ideal audience into paying customers.

Your website, your way
With friendly experts on hand
to make it a success

Taking the next steps to success requires something different


and you’re already growing your team, knowing you can’t do it alone anymore. It’s the same for your website. Great things happen when people work together with a single goal – your success!


You’ve had some lousy experiences along the way. You need a team that understands your business and will be there for you, whatever happens next.


and not having the right people to fix it.


and perhaps you’re not. Either way, you would benefit from sitting around a table with friendly experts who can show you what you need rather than just design something around what you’ve got.


a brand you’re happy with, and content that’s written. That’s cool; you’ll have a team ready to honour what you’ve already created and design a website that captures the essence of who you are.

Our collaborative approach

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Take a look
at what we’ve created together

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Anorak Cat was an absolute game-changer for my business.

They took the time to truly understand my business, my vision, and my brand before diving into the website creation process.

If you understand the value of having a team of experts behind you, reach out to this team.

Andrew Minto – Landhaven

Your Bespoke Package

For websites with 10-20 pages:

From £8,450 including VAT,
plus £79 per month for essential ongoing WordPress care.

Sounds good
to you?

We’d love to get to know you better, see how we get along and discover more about what you need.

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Andrew loved the bespoke package

Teamwork really does
make the dream work!

The key to delivering a brilliant website is figuring out the details upfront with experts who know their stuff.

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I didn’t want to work with a one-person band. I wanted a team because there’s a range of skills and idea sharing.

Andrew’s story


We’ve got the answers

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You might not be able to yet, and that’s ok. We’re on hand to discuss the different options and determine which approach is right for you before you commit to anything. We’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need, but we will help you understand the potential to ensure your final website does everything you need.

We include continuing care in every package we sell so you don’t have to think about it. We have dedicated experts who know WordPress inside out. They can spot and fix any problem before you’re even aware of it and can work in partnership with you to optimise the site as you grow.

One of the reasons every website we design also has an ongoing care package is to give you peace of mind that we’re not going to disappear in the dead of night. When you need us, whether fixing something or helping you add new content, pages or functionality, you can be confident that we’ll prioritise what you need, putting your requests to the front of the queue. And during the design stage, we’ll be around every step of the way, planning your strategy or reassuring you of your choices.

It can if that’s what you need. Or, if you’re happy with your brand, we’ll work with you to capture the essence of it through your web design.

Our team prioritises creating the best website for you through careful planning and joint decision making.

We never compromise quality for speed (rushing projects rarely leads to great results in our experience). That said, we are super mindful of your deadlines and value up-front honest conversations to set realistic expectations.

Smaller websites, like our 5-page Total Package sites are usually quicker but the time frame depends on how quickly you create and provide content. If we’re waiting on, for example, a photoshoot to happen, things will take longer. Larger projects, like our Bespoke Package or Dream Team websites typically take 12-14 weeks subject to your individual requirements and content.

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