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Creating a website full of personality gave Pam the confidence to share it with her prospective clients.

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Building your website when you first start in business is a path so many of us take, but what happens when that site stops doing what you need it to and no longer feels like you?

How do you take the leap from DIY to ‘have it done for you’, especially if you’re unsure how to articulate what you want?

We worked with Pam Cottman, a resilience coach working with schools, organisations and individuals, to help her deliver the vision she had in her head in a way that genuinely conveyed her passion, personality and dedication to helping others.

What resulted for Pam was a beautiful website she felt proud to direct clients to and a real sense of clarity when articulating her offering on and off-line.

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The whole process felt
very human, enjoyable, supportive and professional.

You were always there to answer my questions and give advice based on all the experience you’ve gained with your other clients.

First impressions count

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What I really valued about my branding session was that I already had some fonts I liked and a colour (yellow) that was such a major part of my brand identity I didn’t want to lose it.

The designer was so careful to ensure they worked around it, coming up with little tweaks and accent colours to complement what I already had. And it’s been brilliant in elevating all the visual elements of my business, not just my website.”

It’s Been Brilliant In Elevating All The Visual Elements Of My Business, Not Just My Website

Pam had a photographer who she was keen to use.

So we just bought her into our team, briefing her about our ideas for Pam’s site and making sure we were all on the same page. The photos she took are perfect and bring Pam’s personality to life.

“I felt so supported from the get-go. I trusted you would be able to deliver whatever was needed technically, but there was a real human connection there too. You listened to what I needed and understood what I was trying to do. That was almost more important than anything else, and I didn’t feel that with any other web designers I looked at.”

Enjoying the rewards – and some unexpected benefits too!

The beauty of this project was that even before pam’s website launched, she felt the benefits.

“The process helped me articulate what I do, why it makes a difference and how it helps.

I hadn’t anticipated this, but it’s what a client wants to know. It wasn’t easy, but all the work in creating content and copy for the site helped me get super clear.”

Since the launch, the response has been excellent. Pam has a website that reflects who she is now – and people are responding to that. She’s proud and confident to direct people to the site, knowing her different audiences have content pages dedicated to them, making life easier for her and ensuring a wonderful experience for her clients.

Could you be our next success story?

Check out Pam’s website for yourself. If you’re interested in exploring how we can help you bring out your personality through your website and shine a light on your business, let’s chat.

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