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How to access all the marketing expertise you need to create a brilliant website when just starting

Salesperson, accountant, marketing manager, HR, project manager, customer services rep. As small business owners, we have to wear many, many hats. And for most of us, many of those hats never really fit.

So when you take the leap to invest in your website, maybe it’s time to accept you can’t do it all yourself and be open to working with experts. Easy right? Well, maybe not.

What if you don’t have copywriters, designers, SEO experts, or photographers at your beck and call?

Do you spend time building connections or turn to someone who can do it all for you?

Working with a web designer to create your new site offers many opportunities and benefits, not least the access they can provide to a broader network of experts. Now, you could get this all in one place – think big design agency. But big design agencies also come with hefty price tags and may not give you the personalised service you deserve.

At Anorak Cat, we have built an outstanding team of bright sparks; all experts in their own right, running their own businesses but no less committed to helping us achieve incredible things for you.

Using our connections, rather than trying to develop your own, is one less thing for you to do. Plus, you get the peace of mind that we’ve tried and tested everyone we use.

The gift of a team that keeps on giving

The beauty of collaborating with smaller web designers with extended freelance teams is that you can continue the relationships that work for you, even once your website is done and dusted.

Take our customer Andrew Minto for example. Andrew is the founder of Landhaven Developments and has recently launched his new website, designed and written by us. And when I say us, I mean our extended ‘dream team’ of specialists, including an SEO expert, photographer and copywriters, all overseen by us.

Working this way meant we were all on board with what Andrew wanted. He didn’t have to keep repeating himself or briefing different people; we were always there for him to return to if he needed something more.

I didn’t want to work with a one-person band.

I wanted a team because there’s a range of skills and idea sharing. We couldn’t afford a big agency. And we wouldn’t have wanted that. So it’s nice to have a team behind us on this. And the beauty of it is that all these people are super skilled and specialists in their field. I value that.

Andrew was free to engage each person within the team individually, calling on their expertise to help him develop customer stories, write blogs, design pitch decks and even manage his marketing for his post-website launch. Everybody he needed to work with to grow his business was already there; tried, tested and willing to help. Plus, Andrew didn’t need to waste any time bringing them up to speed as they’d been part of the project and fully understood his business and what he was trying to achieve.

What next?

Let’s chat if you’d like to tick ‘find a marketing team’ off your list and get a great website representing your business.

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