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Should I put all my services on one services page, or split them out?

A question my client Hannah asked me last week. And super common.

“Should I put all of my services on one main services page, or split them all out?”

Whether you should put your services on one page or split them out into separate pages on your website depends on several factors.

For context, let’s consider Hannah here as a real-life example. Hannah is a coach offering sessions from power-hours up to 6 month courses.

Here’s a few things me and Hannah considered together:

*We imagined a potential client ‘Jane’ arriving on Hannah’s website homepage.*

User experience

Jane’s just opened a website link sent to her by a friend. Jane clicks on it and knows she’s looking for a power-hour type call her friend told her about. We need to make sure Jane finds that option quickly and easily. If she’s overloaded with heaps of information – she may miss what she’s looking for. Equally, if there’s not enough info, or the power-hour option is tucked away, she might just give up.

Since all Hannah’s services are all closely related, we consider that it might make sense to have them all on one page so Jane can easily read through and compare options and think “Oooo…a power hour looks great, but actually the 3 hour session here looks more like what I need. And maybe if it goes well, I’ll move on the the 6 month programme”. Jane sees it all.

However, if each service is more distinct and may appeal to different audiences, separate pages could provide a better user experience, as visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for more easily. First perhaps viewing a menu of options together and selecting which is the best fit.

Content length

The length of page content matters. Jane is on her lunch break and she only has a few mins to check out what you’ve got – before possibly forgetting about it forever. If Hannah can provide detailed information about each service to Jane without making the page too long and overwhelming, a single page might work. However, if each service requires a substantial amount of content, she should separate the pages out and let Jane just choose which one she wants to read about.

SEO considerations

While SEO isn’t a top priority for Hannah, I still insist we consider it. Here’s the thing, separate pages can be more SEO-friendly because you can then optimise each page for specific keywords and there’s more opportunities for internal linking. Which I’m here for! So, if Hannah decide’s to go with a single page, she’ll need to make sure she still includes relevant keywords and optimises the content for search engines.

Think mobile

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Bottom line: whether to have one page or separate pages for your services depends on the specific details of your business and your website’s goals. But generally splitting wins out for me.

Check out PAM’s services pages

Pam’s services are quite different and so she split them out onto separate pages. It works really well.

What next?

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