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The importance of ongoing website care

It’s not news that having a website is crucial for businesses to thrive. But here’s the thing your competitors aren’t getting – simply launching a website is like throwing it into the wild without any protection.

Ongoing maintenance, security checks, and regular updates are essential to ensure your visitors receive a seamless and bug free experience on your website that ultimately protects your reputation.

How much respect and trust is left for a business when their website fails on you in some way?

Here we’ll expand on some reasons we have given on our Ongoing Care page about why investing in a Website Care Plan is a no-brainer for WordPress website owners that want to relax.

Protection against the (often) unknown

A Website Care Plan offers comprehensive protection against some real risks that you might not have ever heard of. (And why would you?) It ensures that any issues or glitches are swiftly resolved before they impact your customers’ experience and your business’s reputation. In many cases, such fixes are done before you’re even aware there was a problem. And if you do spot a problem, you can easily report it to us through our client-only dedicated help desk. All Website Care Plan clients receive our priority treatment.

As well as fixes to problems that actually occur, our Website Care Plans include ongoing essential maintenance and security checks, 24/7, every minute of every day. Working quietly in the background whilst you serve your clients, our ongoing vigilance shields your website from potential threats and cyberattacks, providing you with the kind peace of mind you’ve probably never experienced with previous websites you’ve had.

By entrusting your website to experts who specialise in WordPress, you benefit from our very specific knowledge and expertise. We can proactively identify and resolve any issues, safeguarding your website from potential vulnerabilities before any bugs have a chance to ruin your business’s reputation.

You simply don’t need to know or care about this stuff. Because we do.

They are truly experts in the field of website security,

health and management and I have now entrusted the management of several of my clients’ websites to them.

Jo Hodge

Stay ready for future growth

Your website should evolve and grow alongside your business. As you make changes, add new pages, or install plugins, it is essential that everything continues to work harmoniously together. Just bolting on pages or adding functionality without thought can quickly turn your marvelous website into a hot mess.

With us by your side, you can be confident that any modifications or additions you make to your website will be seamless and well-executed. Some clients say they feel like we’re an extension of their team – always here to ask questions about their website growth before making decisions.

I can stand proudly and confidently.

Having a well designed website and the back up of caring professionals makes me stand proudly and confidently in my business and do what I do to the best of my ability.

Tamsin Acheson

Save time and money

By having WordPress experts manage and update your website, you save time, effort, and probable frustration. Imagine never having to handle the technical aspects of your website ever again? Zero need for you or a reluctant member of your team to learn WordPress intricacies.

Handing over the care of your website to us will be an efficient and cost effective move for you and your team. You’ve got way more interesting things to be getting on with.

The real value lies in what we offer beyond your traditional ‘hosting-only’ packages that you may have experienced before. From the personalised attention that you receive from Amy, Rich and the team to our proactive approach to maintenance and the quick resolution of issues. Often, simply being able to contact us when you need a human is a huge surprise from what many of our clients have experienced from their old hosting providers.

Your fab in-house IT team might not be ideal for this one

Having an in-house IT team is undoubtedly valuable. They’re like the Avengers of your office, tackling technological challenges left and right. However, when it comes to your website, partnering with WordPress specialists offers unique and specific benefits. As technical lead, Rich understands deeply the inside workings of WordPress and is solely focused on ensuring the smooth functioning of your website. Unlike an IT team that handles a wide range of technological issues, as WordPress specialists we can swiftly identify and resolve any website-related problems toot sweet.

Leave your gorgeous IT team to focus on other critical IT tasks whilst knowing your website is in capable hands. They’ll probably write you a thank you card.

You remain in control

Worried we’ll be taking over and you’ll lose control? No problem. We love the tech-curious and have your back if you, well, kinda mess it all up.

I can so easily log in and make changes

The best bit has to be the flexibility. The fact that I can so easily log in and make changes, add blog posts, new podcast episodes, change home page copy, add pages – anything, really simply and easily and all in keeping with the core design. It’s liberating!

Lucy Mann

We’re here for everyone.
Even if we didn’t build your website

Having your website taken expert care of by people that know exactly what they’re doing is not a joy reserved only for our clients that we have built new websites for.

Even if your website was not created by us, you can still hop aboard onto a Website Care Plan and start benefiting from our expertise and support.

I feel like I have support in my business I now couldn’t live without.

Working with Anorak Cat has been one of the best investments in my business I have made.

Jessica Crane

With no dramas, we’ll migrate your existing WordPress website to our dedicated servers ensuring seamless continuity and uninterrupted service.


In today’s competitive digital landscape having a well-maintained and secure website is a must-have for businesses of any size. It’s not enough to just look good. You have to offer an amazing, stress-free experience to your visitors too.

Our Website Care Plans offer protection, ongoing maintenance, and expert support form real life humans, ensuring the longevity and success of your online presence. By investing in one of our care plans, you not only save money in the long run but also gain peace of mind, knowing that your website is managed by professionals who understand the intricacies of WordPress.

Embrace the power and freedom of a Website Care Plan, and let your website flourish while you focus on growing your business.

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